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Although there is a heavy involvement here with professional athletes we also run boxing classes for individuals of any age group or gender. Head coach Brian Roberts and coaching partner Dave Carpenter have been running classes for amateurs since 2010 and now boast a small team of competing amateur boxers.

As one of the founding members of the former Penhill Amateur Boxing Club; Brian Roberts recognised the opportunity to make the best use out of a great facility that was only being used by a handful of individuals and in doing so, he now spends his evenings doing what he does best and that's passing on his vast boxing experience to anyone willing to learn something new and exciting.

The gym is open 5 days a week with classes starting at 7pm. There is nominal annual fee of only £10 per annum, with a week's training costing only £8.

So if you'd like to try your hand at the noble art of boxing please pop into the gym or contact us on the details provided on the website.

The use of the gym for the amateur club is kindly donated by Keith Mayo of KM Promotions and is available for their use when not being used by his professionals.

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Keith Mayo

To use just three words to sum up Keith Mayo then 'fanatical sports fan' would fit the bill. He has held a lifelong passion, particularly for boxing and football, but give him the chance to be present at any major sporting occasion and he will jump at the opportunity.